Fillers are medications which have been used for quite a long time. They consist of products that can be injected under the skin in order to improve the appearance of deep wrinkles and irregularities with depressions in the face. As people get older the skin loses elasticity in addition to deflation of the tissue due to fat absorption by the body and even skeleton reduction with age. Fillers are used to compensate for these problems. They can be injected either in bulk in areas such as the cheekbones, the chin, and the jowls in order to camouflage the irregularities of the face and to inflate the face to give a younger appearance. It is now understood that as people age the fat disappears from many areas of the face and the skin then collapses and forms wrinkles. Fillers consists of products such as Restylane, Radiesse, Juvederm, Belotero, and fat. Fat has been used for a very long time. It has been discovered that it can be taken from one part of the body and re-injected in areas where it is useful as an expander of the tissues such as the cheekbones, the chin, the nasolabian lines, etc.

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