Adrien Aiache MD Plastic and reconstructive surgery

In order to rejuvenate the face, a facelift is an excellent operation that can give natural results and a much younger appearance to the face. It consists of making an incision in front of the hairline of the sideburns in order to keep the sideburns and going behind the ear and the mastoid. The skin is then elevated from the tissues below. A second layer called SMAS is incised and elevated giving an inside facelift which is completely to the face skin lifting itself. The combination of these 2 procedures can give excellent natural results to face. In some cases, the cheekbone area has to be elevated in the same manner, and this can be done through the same incisions, and sometimes an additional incisions is made under the eyelid to be able to elevate the whole midface area; and this is a procedure that rejuvenates the mid face or central part of the face. These 2 procedures are often done simultaneously, and they give a natural and excellent appearance of rejuvenation to the face.

The eyelids can be done in the same fashion by incising in a hidden area, excising the excess skin and the excess fat and draping the skin to a more youthful appearance.